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The life and times of Kofi Annan: Who was his family?

Koffi Annan [Courtesy]

Former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel Peace Laureate Kofi Annnan has died aged 80.

Annan passed away peacefully on Saturday 18th in Switzerland after a short illness. His wife, Nane Annan and their children Kojo, Nina and Ama were by his side during his last days.

Kofi Annan's family has remained private with little information in the public domain.

Kofi Annan first married Titi Alakija, a Nigerian woman, in 1965. Together they had a daughter, Ama, and a son, Kojo. Annan separated with Titi in the late seventies but he remained an involved parent and lived with his son Kojo for a while after his separation with the mother.

After several years of living apart from his first wife, in 1981, Annan fell in love with Nane Lagergren, a lawyer at the U.N.

Nane was divorced and has a young daughter, Nina, from her first marriage.


Kofi with his wife Nane [Courtesy]


Kofi Annan's son Kojo with his wife [Courtesy]
Annan with his daughter Ama [Courtesy]
Ama Annan [Courtesy]

Arrangements to celebrate his remarkable life will be announced later.

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