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Michelle and Barack Obama have fun together at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s concert

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Last night Michelle and Barack Obama hit up Beyoncé and Jay Z’s concert in Landover, Maryland. The couple spent the best of their time dancing as if no one was watching despite people watching them, taking videos and posting them on social media:

Yes! Barack Obama got some moves and Michelle was a complete dance queen!

Of course these movements couldn’t be unnoticed by the attendants of the concert who commented about this hilarious moment on Twitter.

We are not surprised to see The Obamas having fun at the Beyoncé and Jay Z’s show as they have been seen before enjoying music together on several occassions.

During the Halloween reception at the White House, Michelle and Obama danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


Here are other instances The Obama's showed us their musical side:

The Former U.S. President showing his moves with his 86-year-old step-grandmother in Kenya a few weeks ago:

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During the Red, White & Blues event when Barack Obama sang ‘Sweet Home Chicago:’

Michelle Obama dancing at Beyoncé and Jay Z concert in Paris last month:

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