Evewoman : Four stylish ways to rock the ‘akorino’ skirt like a pro

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How to look dashing in the pleated skirt

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The pleated skirt is one of the rising trends in 2018 and we cannot get enough of it. Who knew the ‘akorino’ skirt would be a high fashion statement? It’s super chic, lady-like and edgy.  The pleated skirt comes in different types of pleats like knife, box, cartridge, flute and wide paneled pleats. It can be midi, wide, long or short which makes it easier for you to choose what suits best.

While many may think the pleated skirt is sort of old-fashion, this trend is designed for every woman and suits any body shape/size.  Styling the pleated skirt may be challenging because of the different textures and colors they come in but we are here to guide you. Here are the five ways to style the pleated skirt:

  • Pair with a simple t-shirt

For a simple and sophisticated look, pair the skirt with a t-shirt. It can be plain, artistic or customized but the skirt fabric and color will guide you on the right tee to wear. The t-shirt gives the look a casual vibe and you can wear it to any outdoor event.

  • Pair with a turtle neck

It’s the cold season and we have to stay stylish under this cold weather. If you have been wondering what to wear with the skirt during this weather, simply pair it with a turtle neck. The turtle neck could be a sweater or top which can be tucked in the skirt or untucked if you want to look bulky.

  • Pair with a boyfriend blazer/jacket

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To keep it cool at the office add a boyfriend blazer. It can be fitting, medium fit or over-sized. The blazer   gives a serious and mature vibe to your look. When pairing it, always make sure to color coordinate it to avoid looking like a colorful clown.

  • Pair with sport shoes

It may sound weird to pair the skirt with sport shoes but that is a trend we have to live by. This would work best for the ladies that are not high heel fans and for the fashion lovers that want to make a statement.

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