Evewoman : 6 common behaviors that are silently killing your relationship


6 common behaviors that are subtly sabotaging your relationship

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Relationships are good and each one of us longs to have someone in their life to share the journey with. Relationships are built on attraction, admiration, passion, feelings and closeness. Relationships work out due to several factors like being open, communicating, solving problems together, supporting each other’s dreams, having respect and love.

There are some things that we do in our relationships which cause a drift and can lead to breakups. We need to consider the other person’s feelings and support each other to build a strong healthy relationship which both of you can adapt to.

While not every relationship or marriage is marred with infidelity or financial issues, there are small things you may be doing or not doing, that could ruin what you have.

  1. Not paying attention to the little things

Most people who’ve stayed in relationships for long tend to ignore small details about their partners and it could lead to arguments and drifting apart. When your partner shares good news with you, let them feel you are happy for them by sharing the excitement and joy.  No matter how small an achievement may be to you, make your partner feel valued and share in their excitement

  1. Focusing on your phones

If you didn’t know, this is among the leading reasons of break ups. Phone usage has affected intimacy among couples due to lack of paying attention to each other. Phone use lowers relationship quality and satisfaction, because it shows one partner’s lack of interest in the other. If anything, it shows you would rather be elsewhere than there with them.

  1. Running from problems

Study shows that couples who communicate openly are happier. Most relationships fail due to couples not facing their problems and talking about them. You need to address the issue in a receptive way because if you do not, the matter itself will not be an issue anymore but you and how you brought it out.

  1. Spending every time together

It is important to want to be together every time but you both need space to be able to do things alone. It’s not necessarily growing apart, but it strengthens the relationship more. You both need to spend time with other people, you need to focus on your goals and dreams.

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  1. Being jealous

This steams from fear of being abandoned and being insecure. Jealousy manifests itself in various forms ranging from lack of trust, low confidence, being afraid of betrayal and experience from past relationships.  Couples need to talk about their feelings and things that make them feel jealous to avoid complications in the future that can lead to separation. Do away with jealousy and bring in understanding and open communication.

  1. Being ungrateful

Learn to appreciate the little things your partner does for you and when they go out of their way to please you. Your partner is under no obligation to take you out or buy anything for you and if they do, show some appreciation and gratitude. Not appreciating kind gestures will make the other person step back and they may not see a future with you and eventually they will break it off.

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