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You don't know what to do with those old leggins? Follow these steps and... ta daah! New crop top

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Do you ever look at your wardrobe and feel like you have too much of a particular item? Good news is you can always repurpose what you don’t need.

In this case, instead of getting rid of your old or favorite leggings because they became too small, or you simply own too many, how about turning it into something functional and wearable like say, a crop top!

While it may sound hard on paper, it is as easy as ABC. Promise!

No special skills required, and zero creativity will still get you the desired results.

Below are super easy instructions on how to DIY.

To start off, you need a pair of scissors, thread, a needle, a pen and of course old leggings.


Place the leggings on a flat surface and fold them into half.


Use a pen and make a round neck around the crotch area of the legging. Make sure to mark both sides.


Using a pair of scissors, cut along the semi-circle you had marked.


Turn the legging inside out.


Use the needle and thread to sew down the hems for a neater finish.


Once you’re done sewing, it is time to try it out. Place your hands where your legs normally go and they will act like sleeves. Your head should go through the hole you made and voila!


Pair it with your favorite bottom.

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