Just how cute is this!!!: President Uhuru Kenyatta warms hearts by cuddling a baby - Evewoman


Just how cute is this?!: President Kenyatta warms hearts by cuddling a baby

President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta on Wednesday launched the 100-day Accelerated National Immunization Campaign that took place in Medical Supplies Authority, Nairobi. The campaign is targeting counties and is aimed at raising the immunization coverage which has remained stable at 80%, below the national target of 90 percent.

Speaking during the launch, the President said, "The failure to immunize children will not only undermine their health and human dignity but will also occasion national risks such as disease outbreaks. I am therefore pleased to launch the national rapid results initiative on child immunization which will increase the number of children that are immunized against killer diseases". He also urged the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to work closely with the County Governments to put in place measures to ensure that all children are vaccinated by the time they join school.

The Head of State also took time to bond with the infants who had attended the launch with their parents. The photos are the cutest thing ever, to say the least.

Here, take a look:

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