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Weekend special recipe: Onion chicken with potatoes in herbs

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This weekend let’s make something easy and fun to prepare. It is a super quick meal you can bet every family member will enjoy.

What you will need 

Onion Chicken

1 spring chicken approx 600g

1 large onion sliced

Juice of two lime

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1 teaspoon curry powder

100g tomato paste

1 tablespoon garlic ginger paste

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Salt to taste

Potatoes in herbs

4 large potatoes cut into wedges

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Salt to taste

2 teaspoons Oregano

Oil for frying


Cut the chicken into 4 pieces, remove the skin, marinate the chicken in the curry powder, salt, garlic ginger paste and lime juice. Mix well with your hands so that the flavours infuse well and let the chicken stay in the marinade for about 3 hours or so.

In a non-stick pan over medium heat, pour in oil and pan fry chicken pieces until golden brown on both sides about 3 minutes each side, once the chicken turns brown, add the sliced onions and stir well to mix. Then cook further until the onions start to soften for about 5 minutes.

Add in tomato paste, add some extra lime juice and stir well to coat all flavours on the chicken, reduce heat and cook for another 10 minutes or until the onions are caramelised and the chicken is completely cooked towards the inside.

In a separate bowl with the potato wedges, add some salt and mix well then fry them in a frying pan with vegetable oil until crispy on the outside, remove from the oil, pat dry and sprinkle some oregano on the potatoes while they are still hot.

Serve the chicken with the deep fried potatoes.

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