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Here is how to know whether stress is affecting your relationship

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Day to day challenges such as financial problems, pressure from work, the demands of parenthood and trying to maintain a household while at it can manifest as stress in your relationship.

While some of the signs go unnoticed, some are ignored to the detriment of those involved.

If not checked, you might be on the way to kissing your relationship or marriage good bye.

Here are six ways to tell if stress is indeed affecting your relationship and if you need to take a chill pill and incorporate some relaxation time in your routine.

  1. You do not have time for yourself

Sometimes you get so caught up in your day to day activities that you forget to make some time for yourself. This can cause you to get overwhelmed and feel stressed. This stress is likely to have a negative impact on your connection with your partner. Always have breaks in between the week set apart just for you to get time to yourself.  It could be a few minutes of taking a walk or even just sitting quietly.

  1. You are not interested in whatever your partner has to say

If you find your mind drifting away any time your partner is telling you about their day or an idea that they have, it is a sign that stress is getting to you. Stop thinking about future bills or problems but instead focus on your partner. Maintain eye contact when they are talking to you and be an active listener. This will enhance communication between you and your partner.

  1. Your partner’s voice, cough or sneeze easily bothers you

When small common habits about your partner such as coughing start to bother you, it is likely that you are stressed out. Your stress level could be manifesting as agitation at everything. In this instance you need to be honest with yourself and figure out the root cause of your stress so you can deal with it. Talk to your partner about it so they can help you deal with it as they cannot read your mind. 

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  1. You are both drinking too much alcohol

It is okay to have a couple of glasses of wine every now and then but if you are both taking wine or hard alcohol on a daily basis, it could be indicative of an unhealthy coping mechanism. Most couples ignore this behavior when dating then get surprised when it carries over into marriage. Alcohol abuse will affect you both mentally and physically and should be dealt with by talking to a support group or doctor.

  1. You partner spends more time with other family members than you

It is well within reason that your partner calls or spends time with other family members. However, if your partner is spending more time with other family members than with you, it could be escapist behavior. You should communicate to your partner how this makes you feel. Suggest how you can fix this but also make sure to compromise.

  1. You are not having sex as often as you used to earlier on

If your partner prefers to go to bed early instead of spending time getting frisky between the sheets, it could be that stress is affecting your intimacy. Though sexual energy does tend to lessen after the romantic phase of the relationship, it is important to keep that flame alive. Find little ways to stay intimate such as hugging and kissing every day or even just holding hands as you watch TV.

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