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It’s time to make your braids pop in these accessories


Beads and braids are a match made in heaven why? Because they look so darn good together and besides, it is an old tradition that was practiced by African women.

And now that the natural hair movement is back with a swing, braids, and accessories are a totally cool way to show off our heritage while trying something ‘new.’

Whether you’re trying to protect your hair from humidity, rain or chlorine or you simply want to give your hair a break and grow its hair out, there are endless hairstyle options to quench your hair thirst.

For some little inspiration, here are some popping braids with accessories worth trying.

  • Beaded pigtails

You are never too old for ‘pussycat’ or as it is globally referred to as, pigtails. Give it a more mature appeal by braiding in the middle and adorning some jewels.

  • Fauxhawk updo

Half braided hair with open hair gives you the best of both worlds. Get creative by adding some beads and shells to create a delicate crown fit for an African queen.

  • Short bob

For a minute we could not get enough of these short box braids and the appeal is too much to ignore. No need for much, accentuate the hair with minimal beads.

  • Mohawk braids

This bold hairstyle speaks volumes on its own to keep the accessories to a minimum and let the style shine.

  • Chunky cornrows

If you’re more into simpler styles, then this works for you. Let it pop by adding some golden string and cute pieces

for a super chic finish.

  • Bantu Knots

A good thing about Bantu knots is they work for every hair type and texture. This versatile style incorporates two long braids from the nape of the neck complementing the large knots topped with beads.

  • Fulani braids

Nothing shouts authentic African pride like Fulani braids complete with beads.

  • Braided Bun

Refresh your buns with two hanging pieces on the side for a feminine and fun element. The beads add the much-needed color and pop.

  • Twist Braids

Borrow from the hippie movement and create a beaded crown over your forehead. To make it stand out, even more, be generous with big bright beads and spread them all out.


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