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This is why you should have one on one with your children

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Spending time with your children is crucial but do you really know what each child is going through? This is especially true if you have more than one child. Middle children find it hard to get any attention and are forced to fight for it with the older and younger children who tend to steal most of it from the parent.

This leads to the importance of spending alone time with each child to know what is going on in their lives.

No matter how small or simple you keep your time together, set aside a day or a few hours you can spend quality time with each child. what you will discover may astonish you.

Here are reasons why you should do that.

  • Helps them open up

Group dynamics change how we act and which side of ourselves we show and this applies to children too. Shy kids may tend to be even more quiet and suppress their feelings around their more extroverted siblings hence the importance to give that one child a space to be more exploratory. This private one on one session will also give you the chance to ask more and direct questions.

  • Your child will feel valued

Spending time just the two of you makes your child feel valued, special and important. That solo time provides a healthy environment where they can be themselves and share their feelings without competing for your attention.

  • It shows you don’t have favorites

In many, if not every family has that one child who is deemed favorite. If not handled well, it can lead to all manner of conflicts. It is therefore important to spend quality time with each child to stop complaints of favoritism and give assurance to each one that they are all loved the same.

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  • Creates environment to tackle issues

One-on-one time allows for difficult conversations where the child might feel shame or embarrassment to talk about in the presence of their siblings. When it’s just the two of you your child can be able to talk about issues they have in school or home. This opportunity will also give you leeway to discuss those sensitive topics your children need to know as they grow.

  • Quiet children get their turn

Shy and introverted children tend to be overshadowed by their more outgoing and extroverted siblings hence the need for one on one time. This will help them be themselves and you will finally get to know your child better and motivate them to be comfortable in their own skin.

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