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These are the types of single ladies found in the city

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Singlehood is a beautiful phase that everyone should experience as it teaches how to enjoy own company and discovering more about oneself. Some women strive to avoid being single out of fear of loneliness and feeling empty. This fear mostly leads them to unhealthy relationships as they end up with people they never meant to be with. If that relationship is not making you happy, never feel bad or guilty to walk away. Embrace singlehood. There are different types of single ladies out there and knowing which one, in particular, you guide you in knowing what type of man you want. After you read this piece you will know what type of single lady you are and that will help you know how to handle yourself:

  • Miss Independent- This is the single woman that has a stable job, a car, travels wherever and can pay her bills. Miss independent portrays the aura of “I don’t need a man” because she can take good care of herself. The challenge comes in when she is urged to get intimate and she is on a ‘dry spell.’ She might find herself having a man for intimate matters only.
  • Miss Firecracker- This is the type of single lady that loves to have a great time. She will attend all the popular events in the city and by the time she leaves, everyone wants to be next to her. She is the ideal eye candy wherever she goes. The challenge of this single girl is that she cannot really fit in with a man with a laid back personality.
  • Miss Rigid- She is very particular with what she wants, who she wants to hang out with, where she wants to travel to and the list is endless. This type of single lady is normally concerned with what people will say or think about her- her! When it comes to the men, her attention is on having a man with status. Which top university has he studied in? Where does he stay? This makes her miss on the simple gentlemen that could treat her like the princess she is.
  • Miss Free Spirit- This single girl is full of life and never judges anyone. She accepts individuals the way they are and people feel comfortable around her. Everyone wants to share their secrets, dark past and all creepy stories with her. She is a positive spirit and any man would love her for that. This type of single lady is open to date the man she feels is best for her. However, there are men who would gladly take advantage of her.
  • Miss Loosy Goosy- This is the lady that hangs out with the guys. They weirdly trust her more than their girlfriends. Though the bad part is the guys might have a perception about her, that she is a loose lady but she does not care about it because. Charged with the ‘You Only Live Once’ mantra, she does not care much the perception guys have of her. This affects her relationship life as most men take her for a loose lady. The type of man she deserves is one that is confident and cares less about what the rest think.


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