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3 key factors to consider when buying a sports bra

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After sports shoes, sports bras are the second most important piece of equipment in your fitness wardrobe.

1.      Different sport, different bra 

Avoid buying one bra for all exercises. Lower impact exercises like yoga and Pilates require substantially less supportive bras than step aerobics or running. If you can only afford to buy one, opt for the highest support you would need.

2.      Custom fit 

Choose bras with shoulder straps and an under bust band which are both adjustable so you can customise the length and fit to suit your needs. The thickness of the straps will also determine the level of support, with thicker straps offering maximum support.

3.      Try before you buy 

Where possible, try on a sports bra before you buy it. Test its support by jumping around. If you are spilling over or your breasts are moving around too much, have yourself measured and opt for a bra with individual cups rather than a bandeau.

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4.      Life span 

Sports bras age too so they should be replaced regularly. Having an old, ill-fitting bra can damage your breast tissue, causing sagging and, in larger-breasted women, back pain.


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