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Top looks from Victoria’s style that will leave you in a slayage situation

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Her style is not for the meek. She goes all out without fear or prejudice of what people will say and that is what makes Victoria victorious. She is daring and bold just like her style. Blessed with beauty and gorgeous curves, she flaunts it. If you don’t like it, she could not be bothered and honestly so could we.

The Kenyan artist, who is currently in the country for her Safari Kenya tour, is one of the best-dressed artists in the continent. Don’t believe it? Check out these six looks Victoria Kimani has pulled off effortlessly.


Victoria’s interpretation of rocking a blazer is topless coupled with a chunky belt to synch in her tiny waist and killer thigh boots. Her burnt orange shoulder-length bob adds just the right pop of color.


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Wearing a lace dress is tricky but not for Victoria. She goes all out on denim with her inner wear and boots matching.


This show stopper is one of the reasons Victoria should launch a full range clothing line.


Wearing one of her signature puff jackets from her clothing line lends a boyish feel to this sexy number.

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Putting different pieces together to create outfits is what Victoria is known for. From the beret to the fishnet and heel combo this is a match made in heaven.

Serving us some bad girl, Victoria proves she can go street just as easy and as perfectly as she does her sexy femme fatale looks.


Who knew a visor could so good? Ms. Kimani did. She pairs it with a matching faux rug, bodysuit and her signature thigh boots to create a work of art.


Channeling her grunge side, Victoria goes heavy with chunky booties and graphic socks. So cool!


Her idea of toning down just a little bit is a sieve Jamaican asymmetrical dress paired with a matching set of high waist shorts and a corset.


To balance her harem pants she goes softer on top finishing her gorgeous green ensemble with metallic chunky heels.

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