Tedd Josiah leaves netizens emotional with a special message dedicated to his late wife : Evewoman - The Standard

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Tedd Josaih pens an emotional message to his late wife in celebration of Women’s Day

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Celebrity dad Tedd Josiah is good at what he does especially single parenting. The local music producer who lost his wife in September last year is among celebrities celebrating Women’s Day.

Tedd's late wife Regina

Tedd Josiah’s wife Regina Katar passed away days after delivering their adorable daughter due internal bleeding which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were few platelets in her blood.

Tedd and their daughter
Tedd and Regina
Regina and their young daughter

Tedd immediately and bravely took up the role of playing both mum and dad to their young daughter. Today, in celebration of the International Women Day, Tedd took to his Instagram to write the sweetest message to his late wife.

Here is his post:

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