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These are the common condom mistakes that could leave your girlfriend pregnant

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Have you ever wondered how to use a condom with your partner for the first time? Are you using the condoms the right way? Don’t worry because we got you. Condoms will never go out of topic because we have teenagers and young children at the age of nine years already engaging sex. The CD is said to prevent early pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases but they are not 100% guaranteed because there are several mistakes that are made by the individuals. Wondering why you got pregnant even after using a condom, these are the condom mistakes you made or other couples do that need to be avoided:

  • Not checking the condom before use- the foreplay has gotten all steamy and your partner removes the condom from his pocket and wears it without checking if it’s damaged. You never know the condom might have expired or it could be fake. Always learn how to check the CD before use with your partner/side-chic…

  • Wearing the condom wrong! - this is where the bursting of condoms goes down and you wonder how your girlfriend got pregnant. This is because you wore it the wrong way! When your man wears a condom that is too tight, it can easily break and lose that sensation during the action or even before. There will be air bubbles that will be formed and it leads to the bursting.

  • Forgetting to use lube- use of a lubrication is key because it decreases the chance of the condom breakage. The best types of lubes to use are water-based lubricants. Massage oils, Vaseline or lotions are said to break down the latex. Take time with your partner to purchase lubes that won’t mess you up.

  • Not leaving enough space inside the condom-  always leave space at the tip of the cum and proper ejaculation. Wondering why? This is because it avoids spills of the cum and any breakages. Leave half an inch of space.

  • Not removing the condoms quick enough after the quickie/romance- the condom should always be removed when there is still erection which is immediately after sex. If there is no presence of erection, there is more room left in the condom that increases chances of spilling and exposing your partner to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and infections.

  • Both of you are just using one type of condom- always feel free to use all sorts of condoms from the trust, Durex, kiss.etc. Some come with flavors too, be adventurous while keeping yourself safe.

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