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Interesting ideas on how the ladies can accessorize their cars in style


Ladies are quite particular with their cars when it comes to decorating them but they limit themselves. Some women’s cars are like their wardrobe; you can get two pair of heels, blazers for work and the list is endless. Others they use their car for eating purposes basically it’s like a food court. You can find a tea scone that has been stored for a week, lunchboxes with unfinished breakfast and the likes.

Every lady needs to take care of her ride the same way she takes care of her nails and we have some ideas you can use to accessorize your car interior. It feels nice when people are like wooow! When they jump in for a lift in your car. Make them want to own a car and they will be like ‘Angelina’s car is my car goals’.  

This is how you can decorate/ accessorize your interior:


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