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Men are good at cheating and can blind you completely

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Relationship talk is here to stay and of course there are these moments that you start suspecting your man if he is cheating on you. Some ladies go to the extent of tracking him, buying different sim cards to do the testing and the list is endless.  

There are different occasions that can make you feel he is cheating on you and you need to be keen anytime your gut talks to you:

  • Picking calls outside the house all the time- we understand that it could be work related but at times it becomes too much.
  • He is coming home late than usual- so he used to arrive by 8pm and eat dinner together but now he gets home at 12am? Put your antennae’s up girl!

  • He snakes your meet-ups that last minute- you are all dolled up to meet him and you can’t wait to see his dimply face and he goes ‘mteja’ or calls you up to say he is held up.
  • He disappears during holidays and important events- this includes your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and any other you can think of. If he is always unavailable there are question marks. We are actually counting down to Valentine’s day and watch out.


  • He is secretive with his plans, whereabouts etc.- yes, every man needs his own space to do whatever he wants but it gets to a point we need to know if you are safe.
  • He does not want to be seen with you in public- we love it when our men show us off and if he has not yet introduced you to the friends and whoever is loving and dear to him, question marks alert! He just wants to meet you around the hood.
  • There is a drastic change in your sexual life- you know the time and how it all works out but he does not react or respond like before. Issa-problem!  

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