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Huddah Monroe takes on broke men and what they can do between the sheets

Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who have massive following from the Kenyan Youths. Huddah, together with Vera Sidika, have contributed in incorporating the western culture among the youths, even though She has always been in a fight with fellow socialite Vera Sidika over who is the smartest business wise, and the fight is nowhere near an end.

 Her popularity shot up when she participated in the Big Brother Africa event in South Africa. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also several youths across the world.

She always has something for her followers and this time it was about men and their performance in bed. Huddah has revealed that broke men give good sex, but one has to choose a struggle.

In a series of posts she shared on her Instagram stories, the socialite said that if she would settle down she would look for a man who can give her good sex and has wealth.

She went ahead to say that she is a high maintenance woman and that good sex from a man alone cannot pay her bills adding that she can use the money to buy herself a male Samantha to satisfy her sexually.

Huddah who calls herself the boss chick is a woman who has always been open about her feelings towards things that affect the society and is a strong advocate of women being independent by working their way through to the top.

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