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Where art thou, dear husband?

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There is a group of women in a certain age bracket who are hanging dangerously in the air swaying like a pendulum not knowing which direction to fall.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I fall in this bracket and I have been thinking a lot lately. Who exactly is going to stand up for us? If no one is willing to do that then at least give us a platform to air our grievances!

Those men slightly older than us, I mean those who should be walking around looking for us to put a ring on it are falling in love with older women. I have no problem with that - someone once said age is just a number.

Our age mates are falling in love with younger women, I have no problem with that either. But what do you expect us to do when both the younger and older women have taken all the men and hidden them in their hearts? We have bee -- all we want is our men. I am here today, to find out exactly where we went wrong. Are we so tough that you view us as your fellow men or is there something we did that broke your hearts?

Maybe it’s our ‘long mouths’ as one bluntly told me. Do we talk too much? I say so because a potential suitor once told me that I talk too much. So much so that whenever we had a date, he would take painkillers. That got me thinking. Am I so much of a headache? I don’t think so. If I can stand myself, nobody should have a problem with my being around them. Are we supposed to keep quiet even when we are sitting on hot charcoal?

This mouth here, this mouth you call ‘long’, is the reason some of us are still alive. Don’t expect us to keep mum when a crocodile is dragging us into a river. We will shout ourselves hoarse! In fact, these people just have no idea how lively we are. Their loss. Are we together?

My friend who equally falls in my age bracket recently told me that we are so independent that we scare off potential husbands. Do these men want to help us breathe so as to prove to them that we are ready to share the independence? Are you willing to walk right by my side and help me breathe out after I have breathed in? What independence do these potential husbands talk about?

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If we ask you to help pay the bills, you freak out and brand us gold diggers. If we work hard and pay all our bills, you freak out and claim you don’t want independent ladies. Who do you think you are going to marry?

You are not going to leave us hanging in-between lovebirds as if we were not meant to be loved. We will drag you by your collars to our side so we can all swing like pendulums. Just get out of your comfort zones and come face us. Let’s go head-to-head and see how many miles we can cover tolerating each other.

By the way, marriage is all about tolerance. You cannot all decide to go for the older women and ignore us. Then you have the audacity to invite us to your weddings. You are so heartless!

Disclaimer: This is not a desperate call for husbands. We are comfortable swinging like pendulums, but not at the expense of happiness.

This year, if we must swing, we will tag you along.

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