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Tanzania cracks whip on socialites posting nudes on social media

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In Tanzania, President John Maguli has cracked the whip on socialites and video vixens who are fond of sharing raunchy photos on social media.

The government compiled a list of socialites and video vixens fond of sharing their semi-nude photos on their social media pages and put them on a checklist pending action if found guilty.

According to a statement by Tanzania Assistant Minister of Information, Culture and Arts, Ms Juliana Shonza, the government is doing this to protect their morals and values as a society.

The latest culprit is Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu (Photo IG)

The famous Tanzanian vixen is eminent for constantly sharing raunchy images of herself on Instagram. She joins the list of socialites summoned by Ms Shonza to answer questions.

Ms Shonza’s list includes Sanchi, a popular socialite in the country and a friend to Kenya’s Vera Sidika; and bootilicious socialite Rimoy.

Since the start of the idea last year, Ms Shonza has already banned socialite Pretty Kind for six months from sharing or posting anything on her social media platforms as well as not featuring any promotion projects or entertainment.

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