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Just like men,women also cheat but for reasons other than sex

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Both men and women cheat on their partners. However, it’s been said that women cheat differently. For men, cheating is all about opportunity. If a man comes across a woman he is sexually attracted to and the said woman is willing to have sex with him, if the risk of getting caught is minimal, the man will most likely sleep with her.

A woman usually has more opportunities to cheat, but her motivations for actually going ahead and cheating on her significant other runs much deeper. Most men think that women aren’t capable of cheating because most women aren’t very interested in sex to start with. If she were not that interested in sex at home, why would she go looking for it elsewhere, right?

Wrong! Like I said, women do cheat but their reasons are usually more emotional than physical. Here are four instances that may make a woman unfaithful: 


She feels ignored by her significant other

Women need to feel a connection with their husbands and they also like to feel taken care of. Sometimes men get so caught up in the demands of life that they forget to make time for their wives.

A woman who isn’t getting enough attention from her husband starts to feel as if she is not enough of a priority for him as her man rarely thinks about her. If she meets a man who gives her the attention she is craving, she may end up cheating on her husband.

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She doesn’t get intimacy from her partner

Intimacy is very different for men and women. While men feel emotional intimacy through sex only, women feel intimacy with their partners through non-sexual emotional interaction like heart to heart conversations, making out, cuddling, holding hands and spending quality time with them.

A lot of men rarely put this into consideration. A woman who isn’t getting the intimacy she craves for from her partner may start looking for it outside the relationship.


She is bored or lonely

Housewives with no children or whose children are grown and left the nest are more prone to cheating than career women and stay-at-home moms, especially if the husband works long hours or their jobs require them to be away from home for extended periods of time. The woman finds herself alone for long periods of time and may get bored and lonely and hence seek out affairs to fill in the void in her life.

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 She never feels unappreciated 

Men fail miserably with the women in their lives because they don’t know how to treat, love and care for a woman. For a woman to be completely happy in a relationship, she has to feel valued by her partner.

A woman may cheat if she feels her man is taking her for granted. When a man can’t create time that’s dedicated exclusively to her, she may look for another man to make her feel the appreciation she is missing at home.


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