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Have you broken up with your partner? Here’s what to do before you get into the next relationship

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Break ups can be rough to deal with and sometimes we will do anything to forget about them, including getting into a new relationship. Talk of rebound!

You should probably hold that thought however. There is so much you can do before you get into your next relationship that will do your future relationships some good. While it may be hard to go through that broken heart moment, working on yourself might be well worth it.

Here a few things you should definitely consider doing before jumping onto the next bandwagon.

1. Let Go of Your Previous Relationship 

This may sound like the obvious thing to do but we often neglect it. If you find that you are still stalking your ex's social media, no matter what reason you have given yourself for doing it, it's a major sign that you are yet to let go. Instead, you can focus on what you have learnt from your previous relationship and be grateful for the lessons learnt. You need to realize that you cannot move to the future if you are still stuck to your past. 

2. Reconnect With Old Friends

It happens a lot. We get into a relationship and we phase out some of our friends. Find them and make up for lost time. True friends will always understand and forgive.

3. Hit The Gym

When you are in a relationship, you get so caught up trying to get know the person and before you know it, you become comfortable. In the process, your fitness routine might get compromised. Deciding to exercise and building a routine will teach you a lot on commitment. Not to mention it will give you a better body and boost your self-esteem. 

4. Love Yourself

This may sound a little cliché but self-love is important to master before getting into a new relationship. This isn't about thinking that you are better than everyone else either, it is about getting to know who you are and loving what you find out. When you fall in love with yourself, people tend to fall in love with who they are around you. Then again, you can’t give love if you don’t have love. Remember, charity begins at home. So start with yourself first.

5. Work On Your Blind Spots

Take the time to learn a new skill and in the process you will meet new people and who knows! Note what you are still not able to do and learn how to do it. This could be simple tasks like changing a tyre or riding a bike. Learn how to be a bit more dependent on yourself. 

6. Enjoy Life

When you are single, you have all the time in the world to try new things. Go bowling, fill a puzzle, go dancing etc. You will never know what you love doing until you try it.

7. Give Yourself A Makeover

It is common for girls to cut their hair after a break up and while it may seem unnecessary, often it signifies a new beginning. Changing your look and taking the time to reinvent yourself will give you that fresh start that you need. It is a great way to stop dwelling on what is lost and get yourself to focus on a happier, better future.

8. Learn To Deal With Rejection 

Rejection can be painful but it teaches you that 'no' should not bring your life to a halt. Learning to deal with rejection involves maintaining a positive attitude regardless of the outcome. This will help you be in control of your emotions, something that you will need in your next relationship. It will give you the confidence to deal with situations that may otherwise seem impossible to deal with.


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