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How not to invite guests to your wedding: Newlywed couple holds photoshoot hanging on a dangerous cliff

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There are so many ways of making sure the people you do not like (or no one) attends your wedding. You can obviously not invite them, right? But then back in the village, your aunties will be like “we have been forgotten by our own na tulimchangia harambeepto “

Piece of advice: You can just hold your wedding on a cliff and then send invites to everyone you’ve ever met in your life. This idea is sourced from Chinese, the oriental gods of advancement.

A couple in China has just taken wedding photo shoot to a whole new level, literally.  Leave alone the Nigerian wedding images that will are just here and there; this one needs a trophy and doubled life insurance.

Their wedding photo shoot, has been done on a cliff, as their friends hang on, following the newly wed.

The bride has a slayqueen lips pose and the man of the hour has his happy face turned on.

The picture stirred the internet eliciting mixed reactions from wedding lovers and adventurers. To some, the “till death do us apart” phrase was happening sooner than flower girls got home.

Fragilefork Get married then die, mission accomplished

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lizziehailey proposal at the top of the mountain, why not scale down it for the wedding pics? ????????

crushed_lollypop  I doubt any of the guests would gave come if we did that for our wedding!

lizalouise111 We climb with my partner there after wedding ceremony.

We have no comments!

tanvi_30 There would be no romance if just one person slips! Crazy is good until it is life threatening. I believe you misunderstood my concern! ????

brandonlaw2016 Not Stupid idea, so romantic and interesting. Some innovation just begging from the "looks like crazy and ridiculous ideas". Keep your different and ridiculous ideas, You Will be more and more difference.

tanvi_30 Stupidest idea I have ever seen!

detalia_inc I guess one hopes the other will slip and fall so they can claim the life insurance.

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matthew.soroko Congratulations! I think that's commendable. In an analogical sense in this you two vow to be with each other until the ends of the earth.

Mkobiora What an adrenaline rush inducing stuff.... As in wedding aren't stressful enough

krishnapat I’m V impressed they got up there in those clothes

malmalmalorie haha well at least you will look like you fit in with the mountains in your new outdoorsy vest! This couple definitely look like they do this all the time....

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