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The intimacy was sweet Erick: Lovers open up to their ex-partners

Do you miss me?
  • The thing about ex-partners is that they could influence how you treat your partner in future relationships.
  • From the messages , some clearly still love and miss the company they had but are sad that life happened.  

We recently asked our readers to anonymously send a message to their ex partners in poll. There is fun in anonymity and these ex-partners will confess that. 

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 In an interesting twist, it emerges that although some have long forgotten their relationships, a huge number of us have not moved on from previous relationships.  We still are nursing old wounds and carry bitterness over sour relationships we had.

Could this be the reason why we do not give it all in our current relationships?

Those who moved on or seemed to,  have rude and perhaps profane messages to send to their ex-partners.   “You are an idiot Mike*” One started.

“I hate you and hope one day you fit in my shoes, “another exploded. This can be confusing, because we are not sure whether she has moved on or not. Our relationship experts says that as long as one still has a grudge against someone in previous relationships, it could mean that they really haven’t moved on.

“Can we start our relationship once again”: This guy clearly still wanted to have the heydays with the girlfriend. Whether he messed up or not we cannot be able to tell.

There are those who felt that the breakup had in fact redeemed them from dark path. “Thank you for leaving me. I didn't realize, I was being saved. I feel blessed.”  The other one bolted: “Leaving was the best thing I did in life because I found my dream man.”

“We are never getting back together” and “I'm glad you cheated”: Heartboken, the guy still insists of getting back. Perhaps giving her sleepless nights asking for forgiveness and “second chances “. With this firmness in that message, the guy might as well let go because she isn’t coming back bruh.

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You Are Beautiful: We still do not comprehend what is happening here.

Good intentions or sarcasm?

“I’ll help you pick the right shade of flowers for your wedding”: Looks like a hearted message for someone you once shared intimate relationship with.  “Wish you all the best in life as you were a great woman even if we parted ways,” Gentle answer came from one man.

“I will never forget you, but my happiness to see your success in marriage and fulfilling life purpose.” Well, well well. What do we have here- maturity.

“I know I was a little selfish emotionally and sometimes physically. I also know” Admitting that you were wrong is legendary. One of the favourite messages.

“I have moved on and I'm very happy than ever. Have a good life” It sounded cold but composed. You can almost hear the voice penetrate the air. We liked this message too.

“There is no peace for the wicked! Shindwa pepo mbaya”: We feel for her- perhaps she was heartbroken by a guy who even after going rogue still persists on trying to get her back. When you add those “pepo mbaya” religious lines, we can only imagine.

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“The sex was sweet than ever,” The take away from this line is the principle of relationships-Intimacy. The sincerity isn’t just intriguing but also puzzling. The sex was huge part of the bond. It doesn’t mean its wrong, but perhaps they could have built more from their goody goody. It could also mean where she is at the moment, things aren’t too impressive when it comes to the bedroom front.

More hilarious lines:

I will not return the money Erick*

You seriously need to stop texting me

I still want have sex with you, I miss it so bad

Priss haiwezi tena. No way. Over is over, begin a fresh life!

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