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Common excuses couples come up with to avoid getting intimate

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Sex is a good thing and it even helps strengthen the bond between couples. However, it is normal for couples to lose interest in getting intimate at some point in their lives. Here are some of the most common excuses couples come up with to avoid having sex:

We are too broke to think about sex: When things are not looking so bright for a couple in terms of finances, some people feel that they do not have the energy to do anything engaging like sex. However, this is just a mere excuse. It is just in the mindset.  

The red alert: Most people find having sex when menstruating very gross. That is okay but for couples who can handle it, sex on the red days is very fulfilling. It also helps reduce cramp pains in a woman.

Too pregnant: Pregnancy should never be used as an excuse not to have sex not unless a doctor has termed it as a risky pregnancy. Even pregnant women should be able to enjoy sex. All you need to do as a couple is agree on the best sex positions for that time.

Too many distractions: Sometimes when the kids come in you are bound to feel like there are way too many distractions to get intimate. That is why it is advisable to shift your baby from your bedroom as soon as they can crawl. This way you can have your privacy back

Fights: A couple can cite constant fights in the relationship as a reason as to why the do not want to engage in sex. That should not be the case. You should actually use sex as a tool to make your bond stronger.

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