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I was not ready for Labour! Sharon Mundia shares her delivery story

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Months after giving birth, popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia has shared her labour and delivery experience on her YouTube page.

In a hilarious post, Sharon says she was always scared of giving birth. ”The whole idea of a being coming out of my vagina was terrifying…I always thought I would choose the least painful option which was an epidural”. She says.

For those who might not know, an epidural is an anaesthetic used especially in childbirth to help ease labour pains. But it turned out that this was not an option for Sharon as the doctors who were attending to her did not know about it. “I was only worried about the baby’s crib and her outfits but not labour because I thought that was sorted”, she adds.

 The fashion blogger says that when she realized an epidural was not an option, she instead attended Lamaze classes with the hope that that would prepare her for labour, but Months later when labour came, she was in denial until she went to hospital and the nurses gave her the reality check. “My mother and doctor said I was in labour but I was still in denial until when I was at the hospital and the nurses told me that what I was experiencing was real labour”.

After the whole horrifying experience as she puts it, Sharon says she gave birth to the most beautiful baby. She says that she now respects her body and treats it right more than ever before. “Your body is this beautiful temple especially if you think about what it has to go through when giving birth. I love my body and I feel like the strongest, toughest human being ever because I went through all that and survived.”

 She goes ahead to encourage other women who are thinking of giving birth.  

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“Whatever you can do anything you put your mind to, you just need to tackle it one minute, one hour, one day at a time and whatever you desire, it will be yours. In this case it was my little baby Aria.



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