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Men habits that annoy women to death

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As is the norm, most people come up with resolutions on different things. Some want to start eating healthier, others want to start going to the gym and others want to start going to church. People get so caught up in all those things they should start doing and forget about the things they should stop doing. I have taken it upon myself to come up with three habits men need to stop when dealing with women come next year. Here we go:

Insulting women who turn them down
If you have ever been confronted with a barrage of insults after turning a man down, you know how infuriating it is. Some men do not take no for an answer and will hit you with whatever they have got if you turn them down, even if you were polite about it. It is very immature for a man to turn hostile just because a woman does not reciprocate his feelings. Women are expected to strike a delicate balance between being polite not to rile the admirer, but not so polite that their manners are interpreted as flirting or playing hard to get. It is high time you learn how to handle rejection like a man. It is part of life.

Trolling women online
If you are a woman on Facebook, chances are you have been trolled at least once. If you are a little bit popular, you are trolled on a daily basis. Sometimes you post a perfectly innocent picture and a dimwit somewhere will leave unprintable comments. Sometimes they will use their real names, other times they hide behind false accounts. Whatever the case, trolls are lame. They are losers. They live sad, tragic lives and need to blow off steam by aggravating people online. They are just attention seekers. There is nothing more pathetic than a man seeking attention by insulting a woman online.

Catcalling women in the streets
There is no justification for catcalling. Women do not take those crude remarks about their bodies as compliments. It is disrespectful and rude. We don’t go home and compare catcalls with our friends. Men need to stop this nasty habit. It does not matter what a woman is wearing. Catcalling her only reveals your sleazy character, which has absolutely nothing to do with her. It is not okay to make a woman feel uncomfortable or scared. What do you gain out of it? A feeling of dominance? You have some serious issues if you have to degrade a woman to feel powerful. Hopefully there will be less of this vile behaviour in 2016.


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