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How to use a curler to achieve curled lashes

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Aside from using mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadows, eyelash curlers can further enhance your eyes by making them look brighter and by making your lashes appear fuller. Most women would not consider using a curler as they appear to be an unnecessary complication. Some people skip this step because they either don’t know how to use them or they haven’t seen the benefits of using eyelash curlers. Others may be using curlers incorrectly and therefore the curl may not hold. However, once you learn how to use them properly, it’s as simple as brushing your teeth.

Choosing a curler

Some curlers are manual while others have a spring in them. Whichever one you choose, it’s preferable to buy a metal curler rather than a plastic one. Metal curlers are more effective and last longer. Heated curlers are also available. If you’re apprehensive about using a curler, use a handheld mirror to guide you. Hold the mirror below you so that you can see what you’re doing.

When to use

Use a lash curler on clean lashes, that is before you apply mascara. If you curl your lashes after applying mascara, you could break your lashes.

How to use

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Step 1 - Heat the eyelash curler

Boiling water pouring into a glass cup to heat the curler

Curling your eyelashes is like curling your hair; you’ll achieve a better result if you use heat. If you have an ordinary curler (not the heated ones), heat your curler using a hair dryer or by dipping it in hot water. Touch the curler to make sure it’s not too hot before you use it on your eyes.

Step 2 - Start at the base of your lashes

Open the eyelash curler and get it as close to the lash line as possible, without pinching the skin on your eyelids. Your eyes should be open while doing this.

Step 3 - Squeeze

Press it down and hold for 5-10 seconds. As you’re holding, twist the curlers upwards to form a curl.

Step 4 - Repeat

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For those with longer lashes or in need of a more defined curl, repeat this process. You may need to shift the curler to each side to reach both the inner and outer corners of your lashes. If you feel like the curler is too close to your skin or painful, release it immediately.


Clean your curler before every use to avoid clumping of eyelashes and possible eye infections.

When using a curler, don’t pull your lashes as you could damage them. Carefully release the clamp and then use your fingers to hold your lashes in place, to achieve a longer lasting curl.

Eyelash curlers are available in most beauty supplies shops.

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