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Sneaky ways to add white to your home

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When talking about colour and its addition to home interiors, white rarely pops into the equation. We do not recognise white, a colour that can make a difference, yet it is among the most powerful neutrals in décor. White brings calmness, peace and serenity to any style. Use white in your home to add a touch of warmth by mixing it with other colours and textures. Pair your whites with other warm neutrals like soft greys, greiges, off whites and different beiges. The standard white walls aside, here are four surprising ways to add white to your home:

White beddings and towels

Crispy clean and fresh beddings and towels are the easiest way to add a feel of white to your bedrooms and bathrooms. To avoid the white bedding being too pristine, layer your whites. This basically means using several textures of white at the same time. For instance, pair white cotton or satin bed sheets underneath a textured off white duvet cover and throw in a mohair white accent pillow. As for towels stick with the whitest white you can find.

White crockery and bases

White plates add instant elegance to any kitchen or dining table. White crockery even looks better when plated with foods and drinks of different colour, a true test that white indeed is a blank canvas. You can use white vases to punctuate other accent colours in your décor.

White furniture and slip covers

Living with white furniture especially couches has become less of a nightmare thanks to removable washable slipcovers and bleach. Get covers made to fit your couch or dining chairs. Adding just one piece of white furniture in your space will make it bigger and modern. However, before going out to buy a white coffee table or other un-upholstered furniture consider spraying your current one in white. Pair whites in furniture with warm beiges, blues, corals or greens to create warmth.

White art

Using white art to accessorise and ground a room is a rare but acceptable form of art. A plain white-framed canvas, white picture frame borders, or different-coloured frames with nothing but white in the background will tone down an intense wall. The plus here is your art will always morph into something different later should you get bored with it.

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