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The one friend that is always borrowing

Girl Talk

In every clique of girls there is always a chronic borrower. Whether it is clothes, accessories or make-up, this ‘friend’ is always in a pinch and needs to borrow something. Being the more fashionable one in my clique of friends pretty much guarantees that I am always the victim of the chronic borrower.

I know it is challenging to whip up enough outfits to cover your seven-days-a-week partying schedule but I find it in bad taste to repeatedly borrow clothes from friends.

This week, I am addressing those girls who prefer shopping in their friend’s wardrobes rather than hitting an actual clothing store. If you fit in that category, the very least you can do is adhere to the following borrowing commandments.

1. Never take without asking

Don’t be the ratchet friend who takes stuff without asking. I have had friends who have helped themselves to stuff I had not even worn yet assuming I would be cool with it. I wasn’t . Always ask first.

2. Always return the borrowed item on time

It is very difficult to ask a friend to return an item they borrowed so please don’t put me in that awkward position where I have to ask for my stuff back. Maybe I had lined up that pair of jeans you borrowed for an upcoming event and I end up being inconvenienced.

3. Return it in good condition

There is nothing as disheartening as lending out your favourite blouse only to get it back with armpit stains or any other type of ungodly stain. You should take care of borrowed items like your life depends on it. If you happen to stain it by mistake, offer to replace it.

4. Don’t make it a habit

The sad part of letting your friends borrow your clothes is that it will become a regular thing. Ladies, if I agreed to lend your my favorite cocktail dress, don’t come for my pencil skirt the day after. Seriously, don’t push it.

5. Borrowing of clothes is reciprocal

If you are in the habit of borrowing your friend’s clothes the least you can do is let them borrow your clothes as well.

6. Don’t take it to heart if I turn you down flat

It is not rude or selfish to say no. I will not let you borrow my figure hugging mini skirt if you are fatter than me. You know very well you will ruin it while trying to force it over your massive thighs.


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