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10 signs she is a dirty woman


Some women can deceptively seem to be clean, but close attention can be surprisingly revealing. Here are some of the dirty types who look outwardly neat and prim:

1. Anita does not brush her teeth at night.

2. Georgina does not shave and hair can be seen sprouting out of her bushy armpits.

3. Harriet has not shaved her pubic dormitory since the Kibaki Tena campaigns.

4. Marion has sported the same Brazilian weave since the digital switch-off.

5. Jane has smelly feet.

6. Alexis rarely has chewing gum in her handbag.

7. Rita has untidy finger nails.

8. Ann’s house is always a mess.

9. Christabel is married, but her children are always dirty, the hubby too.

10. Susan has dark pimples and dead skin on her face.

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