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Keep your toilet clean in a few easy steps

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Cleaning the toilet is considered one of life’s less pleasant jobs. It is a task that many people dread or keep postponing, but it is important to keep your toilet clean. A clean toilet keeps your household healthy.

Wear gloves

It is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning the toilet. Toilets can be a haven for bacteria. Gloves ensure you keep your hands clean and dry as possible when cleaning the toilet.

Use a toilet cleaner

Pour toilet cleaner into the bowl. Give special attention to the rim, allowing the cleaner to drip down the sides onto the water. Cover the toilet and let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before proceeding.

The cleaner is meant to eliminate stains, mineral deposits and rings in the toilet. For economic and home remedies, you can use baking soda and vinegar in place of commercial cleaners. They will leave your toilet sparkling clean and smelling good. As the cleaner soaks, use a sponge clothe and warm soapy water to wipe the cistern and all the outer parts of the toilet including the seat, base and bowl cover.

Scrub the bowl                                                    

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The cleaner has soaked for a few minutes now, uncover and scrub the entire bowl, including the underside of the rim, with a firm-bristled toilet brush. The scrubbing should be thorough to ensure that all stains are eliminated.

Flush the toilet

After the thorough scrub, now flush your toilet to rinse the bowl and brush. Continue to scrub as the water drains in motions, this ensures that all the dirt is rinsed away.

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