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Oven that cooks for you

If you are a foodie who is too busyto cook, the idea of the LineCook from First Build factory will excite you. Built into an oven, LineCook lets you scan the barcode of your prepackaged food, then cook it for you. You will still have to unwrap it, put it in, and take it out yourself, but the LineCook sets the temperature and let you know the appropriate time to complete each subsequent task.

The list of foods that actually work with the system include those with a bar code. Additionally, you can add food information and preferences to the system. Then the system will not only have a number of extra recipes, but the database can start to recognise different versions of those recipes such that if you are baking a frozen pizza, but you can tell it if you want that pizza to have soft or crispy crust.

The LineCook, however, needs a Wi-Fi connection to work, since its ability to read recipes comes from the cloud.

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