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Beatrice Omoke: I had no idea I was carrying quadruplets

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A 24-year-old woman who gave birth on Friday says doctors at a private hospital took eight months to inform her she was carrying quadruplets.

Beatrice Omoke, who spoke from Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH) after a caesarean section at the hospital, said she is happy to have given birth to healthy babies.

The babies weighed between 1.2kg and 1.5kg. Beatrice and her husband had one child before they got their "four bundles of joy"; a daughter aged four.

Omoke said she didn't know she was carrying quadruplets until the last two weeks of her pregnancy after she developed complications.

She said despite having undergone two ultra sounds, none of the doctors at the private hospital told her she was carrying four babies in her womb.

"I have been attending clinic at a private hospital in Kisii but until recently, they had not told me I was carrying four babies. I was transferred to KTRH and taken to theatre," she said.

Despite her humble background, Omoke said she is happy to have successfully delivered her children. "I will give birth again. This is a miracle and I thank God for the gifts," she said.

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A housewife, Omoke stays in a single room at Mwembe estate in Kisii Town where she sells vegetables.

"I wish I can get a Good Samaritan to help me get a job or help my husband get a better job, then it will be easy to feed my children. I believe God will open a way for us," she said.

Her husband, Dominic Begi, is a casual labourer in Kisii where he earns about Sh6,000 a month.

The nurse in charge of the newborn unit at hospital, Judith Mokua, said the infants are doing well and are expected to be out of hospital within the next two weeks

  • Beatrice Omoke: I had no idea I was carrying quadruplets