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Frao's nervousness, beating about the bush costs him hot babe

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They say if the bird was really meant for you, give it freedom to fly and it will fly right back to you.

Last Friday Frao had a very great time. He was on a regional flight. And as fate would have it, he sat next to one of those tall, drop dead gorgeous girls that you can only find in Kigali, Rwanda.

The trip from JKIA, as narrated by Frao, was nothing but heavenly. As soon as he was in the Immigration queue, he had seen her.

After all, who would miss a tall, light beautiful girl, in high heels in a queue that you would ordinarily find businessmen and old civil servants going on yet another ‘bench marking’ or ‘fact finding’ trip.

He had looked at her and like any other ordinary man, just made a mental note of her beauty and for the next few seconds fantasised about many things, dinner with her, movie dates and all the other things that adults do.

As soon as she was out of his sight clutching her boarding pass, Frao forgot about her.

Stealing glances

So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that he was actually going to sit next to her.

Sitting next to the aisle, Frao would routinely pretend to be catching a glimpse of the ground below, while in fact stealing glances at her.

Not too long into the flight, he was able to compose himself enough to strike up a conversation.

She was holding a novel by John Grisham, he of the thrilling courtroom battles. In no time Frao was talking like a seasoned lawyer, a hard boiled criminal lawyer, never mind all this was largely his creativity (no surprises here, as he works in an advertising agency) and from stuff he had briefly read in newspapers.

Of course, the newspaper stories that Frao created were from novels written by an author that the poor girl had never heard of. But who cared, Frao was talking to her and they were airborne.

For the next couple of hours, without interruption from their mobile phones, he thought her was making headway and that perhaps, better prospects awaited him in Kigali.

As they started their descent towards their destination, Frao realised that they had talked about virtually everything in the world apart from her. The only bit he knew is that she was going home for holidays. He was going to be in Kigali for just three days.

His plans started to sound like fool’s strategy, and as the lights of the runaway became clearer, he got closer to losing out on his fantasy.

Having consumed some two cans of beer, he thought that he would summon adequate courage to ask her out during his short stay in her country.

He smiled to himself as he planned how they would have ample time to firm up their date as they cleared with Immigration.

He had thought it was his lucky day. It turned out not so lucky.

As soon as she disembarked a female military officer was waiting for her; it then dawned on Frao he was warming up to a general’s daughter.

He now nurses his ego by claiming that he is waiting for her to return to Kenya. But he has not shown us any evidence that he even got her telephone number.

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