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How to spice up your rooms with butterflies

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Butterflies are making a comeback in home design. Whether as a wall paper or handsketched motif, the butterfly is no longer designated just for children’s rooms. Elle Decor says the butterfly is a 2017 trend and a symbol of grace and optimism. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate the butterfly into your decor this year:

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Find curtains with a repeat pattern of butterflies and you will bring such cheer into your space. Butterflies always hold an aura of wonder, which you should include in your furnishings. Use butterfly printed pillowcases to emphasize the theme and fill your nights with optimism.

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Alternatively, you could trace a butterfly shape onto a bold colored fabric like orange or blue or a yellow color. Cut it out and stitch it onto a neutral colored cushion cover or pillow for a quick but impactful effect.

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Decorate your walls with butterfly wallpaper for an instant happy ambience that symbolizes the freedom that butterflies enjoy.

Alternatively, if you have the expertise, you could hand-paint butterflies on the walls or use a mold to create repeat patterns of butterfly impressions on the wall.

A butterfly border halfway up the wall or two inches from the ceiling will also have an amazing effect.

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Butterfly collection

Wall art shops may also have wall hangings with preserved real butterfly collections, which not only function as a piece of art but also as an educational tool to view the various types of butterflies. A good quality butterfly collection will have the names of the various butterflies inscribed at the bottom of each insect so as to educate the reader on its scientific name.

Select a collection that matches or complements the rest of your decor and hang it at eye-level for visibility.

Using nature as a wall art not only brings the calmness of mother nature but also brings the outdoor joy into your home.

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