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6 Easy ways to care for and improve your hairline

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Many women suffer from thinning hair edges. A thinning hairline is referred to as traction alopecia. It is mostly connected to poor styling techniques and use of damaging hair products.

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So how do you protect your hairline from damage?

Avoid hair products that are loaded with alcohol since they have a tendency of drying the hair.

Since the front hair is very fragile, avoid strong chemicals used for dyeing or relaxing. Some of these chemicals literally burn your hair from the roots. Have a professional stylist apply any chemical on your hair.

Regularly massage your hairline with natural oils that stimulate growth and strengthen the edges like castor or argan.

• We will never hear enough of this; it is important to sleep with a silk scarf or on a satin pillowcase so that the moisture in your hair is retained.

• Handle your hairline gently when combing or brushing.

If you are rough, the brush bristles could get caught in the hair causing it to snap. The hair on the hairline is shorter and fragile thus constant brushing damages them. Use your hand instead to smooth down the hairline by applying hair food or gel.

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 You could also apply serum to the hairline then tie it with a silk scarf to hold it down to keep the hairline straighter longer.

• Moisturize all parts of your hair as regularly as possible.

This will seal your hairline and protect it from damage.

• Cut down on the amount of heat you expose your air to.

 Hair dryers, flat irons and blow-dryers, among other heat tools can wreak havoc on the hairline. 

•Take a break from weaves, tight micro braids and tight ponytails as these too contribute to damaged hairline.

Tight braids or ponytails, for instance, pull out the weak front hair. Thicker braids are a safer option. Don’t keep braids for long since the hair one naturally sheds everyday accumulates and assists in tangling healthy hair. Undo braids carefully because pulling and tugging hair will only worsen situation.

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