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Don't tag me on any post on resolutions

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January is here with us and all I can hear from one corner to the other is resolutions and endless resolutions. What the hell are you people making resolutions for? Ooooh this year I plan to drop all my fake friends, oooh my resolution is to make my circle smaller.

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My dear! We don’t care whether you have a small circle, a long rectangle or an oblong shape for friends. It’s you who made them your friends and tagged them along in your life. Deal with them without involving all of us.

As if that’s not enough, there’s this group of people who keep threatening people on social media with the block button every beginning of the year. Is your timeline the headquarter of the air we breathe? If you want to block for Christ’s sake just block, no one gives a hoot by the way.

Actually, you are making it sound like friends are the sole reason your life took a wrong turn last year while in real sense, it’s you who made your life take that turn. You are in charge of your life, your friends are not.

In most cases, those who advertise their resolutions rarely stick to them to the end of the year. Somewhere in-between the year, you see them complaining about the very same things that they claimed to have dropped when the year begun. My friend, until that thing hits you hard, don’t rush to make a resolution about it.

The fact that the year is just beginning doesn’t mean you are obliged to make any resolutions. Make them at your appointed time of the year. That way, they are bound to help you.

Just like I did on the first day of this year. I had not planned on making any resolutions at all. In fact, I was not even thinking of any until I hit a snag. Just when I thought the year had begun on a lovely note, I got involved in an accident on my way home.

Take this from me, never ever hit the road on a motorcycle without a helmet — whether you are the passenger or the rider. On the evening of January 1, when everyone else was managing their hangover, I got onto a ‘bodaboda’ as a passenger.

Just minutes before I reached my destination, my rider failed to see a bump and the next thing, I was in the air. Seconds later, I hit the ground so hard I thought I had actually cracked it yet it was a well-tarmacked road!

By the time I was rising from the ground, I had already made a resolution never to board a motorbike at night and without a helmet. If by any chance I board it during the day, I would be the one controlling the speed.

That incident made me make a resolution, not because the year was just beginning but because I had to. This issue of shouldering all your troubles all through the year in a bid to wait for the New Year in order to put them down is in itself suffering!

No one puts a gun to your head to bear with your fake friends till the first day of the year. No one kidnaps your partner only to release them on the first day of the year for you to tell us about your resolution to get married in the year.

The only resolution you should be making now is a resolution not to make resolutions because of pressure from those making resolutions.

The Eve team wishes Beryl a quick recovery.

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