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Is Obama’s new office after the White House a garage?!

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Many will agree that any office US President Barack Obama moves to after the Oval Office will be a downgrade. At least In stature if not location and furnishing, not to mention the history ensconced in the oval office. According to reports, renovation plans of the house he will be moving into with his family after Trump gets into the White House show Obama’s office could be a garage. reports: “According to copies of permits obtained by TMZ, the new home that the first family will soon be inhabiting in the DC neighborhood of Kalorama is undergoing some major renovations to bring it up to snuff.”

The upgrades are top shelf ,so to speak, with the nine-bedroom, nine-bath, 8,200-square-foot house—which is valued at $6 million (about Sh600 million) and sits on a half-acre lot — getting new fencing, new utilities, and a variety of Secret Service–ready protective additions. Not too shabby huh!

The report goes on: “But by far the weirdest renovation afoot has to do with what could end up being Obama’s new home office. According to the permit, contractors will ‘temporarily convert one garage stall into an office with new bathroom.’”

That is not all, not all real estate agents interviewed agree that this “home improvement is, well, much of an improvement,” with one pointing out that the garage transition is one of the worst return on investment projects a property owner can make.

There is the security angle. “The garage appears to be right off the street, which is something that I would have tried to avoid for security reasons. Given there are nine bedrooms, I would think one or two of those could have lent themselves to be a more private and secure office setting versus taking away one of the garage spaces,” said one real estate agent.

The report says that this is just a rental — “more than likely a mere pit stop until first daughter Sasha finishes high school in 2018, and generally landlords hate when tenants knock down walls and overhaul rooms in ways that could make it harder to lease to future residents (which is why they may not return that security deposit).”

“I’m sure this particular owner will gladly allow that adjustment given the upside of having a presidential seal of approval for eternity. That value will never diminish, so basically as the owner, it’s not surprising that he is letting the man do whatever he deems necessary. He just hit the jackpot,” opines the real estate agent.

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