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Haters will always hate! Get up and start dreaming again

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They call me a dreamer as I live in the world of fantasy. Several ideas that constantly run in my mind have not always come to fruition, and for this reason, they have constantly reminded me to re-evaluate my view regarding the dreams and come back to what they call ‘reality’.

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The constant ridicule from them because of my unfulfilled dreams has become part of life. I pretend that it doesn’t get into me but it does. So I decided to do something about it.

Tell my friends how I feel:

My friends will not going to stop me from achieving my dreams. I will tell them this in no uncertain terms. I will tell my friends how I feel when they make fun of me and I would wish they stop.

I am tired of their antics. I want to put an end to it and make them realise that despite their antics I won’t stop dreaming big since it’s my passion.

List down my dreams:

All my dreams will now find a special place in my note book. I will write them down with an aim of prioritizing and achieving them one by one. I have come up with a table that will contain my dreams, how I intend to work towards achieving them, the benefits I stand to derive from them, complete with the start and end time for each of my dreams.

Attribute myself:

 Going forward, I will now put more emphasis on the following guiding principles:

Hope- I am going to keep hope alive, remaining optimistic that what I’m trying to do is will work while also staying positive that the desired results will come sooner than expected.

Believe- I’ve to make the decision to start believing in myself that my dreams will be realised no matter how long it will take.

Trust- It’s written in the good book of life that we need to trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul and He shall make our paths straight! I have to always put lots of trust in Him and include him in each and every step that I take.

Focused- I am going to remain focused towards achieving my dream and take each step with positively without wavering.

Competitiveness- The current world is very competitive. I am going to remain alive to the challenges that come with it while at the same time be ready to be challenged. The need to rise with every fall, learn from my mistakes and those of others is also going to be key so seeing me achieve my dreams.

Perseverance- Success does not come overnight and neither is the road to it straight. I need to manage to withstand each storm and never accept to remain down.

Do a research:

Constant research on the subject of my dreams is now going to become an integral part of what I do. I will seek to find out the best way to actualize my dreams and build an understanding on the same with the interested parties. Having learned that, really big dreams require that I enroll those around me and seek their opinion where necessary.

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Ask for help:

 I need to count my savings and if I realise that I fall short of achieving my dreams then I must immediately seek for external assistance.

A step in the dark:

As I embark on the tasks towards achieving my dreams, my desire will be to give it my very best and prove to myself and others that the dreams were worthwhile.

I need not to be scared of the outcome provided that it has come from my very best of input.

So let’s keep dreaming.

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