He wants an open relationship... is it okay to indulge him? - Evewoman


He wants an open relationship... is it okay to indulge him?

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Dear Roxanne,

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I have broken up with my boyfriend a couple of times because of his unfaithfulness. Every time I leave him, he comes back pleading and begging. He says he will change if I forgive him, but it is always a matter of time before he falls back into his old habits. The last time I broke up with him, he broke down and told me that he loves me but he can’t kick his habit. Then he asked me if I would consider being in an open relationship with him. I told him I can’t. Now I am really confused because I love him and I miss him terribly. Should I agree to an open relationship with him? Carol.

Dear Carol,

An open relationship may have its perks, but it is not something I would recommend in your situation.

Carol, you should only go ahead, but on condition you are not acting desperate. Trust me, it is a lot to sign up for.

Obviously, your boyfriend’s past infidelities took a toll on you and just because he wants to make his clandestine affairs official, doesn’t mean it will become easier for you.

Don’t put yourself through something you are clearly not mentally prepared for.

It could be more pain than it’s worth. You will only be wasting your time with him because clearly, he doesn’t sound like the type of man you want to settle down with.

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I know it is painful to let go, but it will give you a chance to eventually meet someone who will makes you feel special.


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