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What to carry if you are going away for the holidays

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Christmas and the New Year are around the corner and many people are preparing to travel upcountry or go on holiday. Your haircare is as important as your skin care; when packing your cleanser, toner and moisturizer, include a shampoo, conditioner and other hair protectors.

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Most of the time we go on vacation in regions that have different weather patterns and this can have an impact on our hair. Your hair may end up looking dry, frizzy hair, lacklustre and sometimes have the color fade. These handy items are bare minimums but must be part of your toiletries bag!

Bobbles and pins:

This is especially for women with long hair. They are a convenient way to keep your hair off your face when you are out and about. They also help in pulling your hair into a quick ponytail.

Comb and brush:

This may sound inconsequential but chances of you forgetting them are high. A good brush will be good to keep your dry hair shiny and smooth. A comb will help when you have to detangle your hair after swimming or even when you just decide to wash it.


Shampoo and conditioner are a must; ensure they are suitable for your hair type and specific to the climate you are visiting. For hot places like Mombasa, protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner with UV protection.

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If you are visiting a cold place, carry a deep conditioning hair oil treatment. These are not bulky and will ensure your hair stays healthy and shiny throughout your vacation.

Shower cap:

Not every hotel or resort keep these in their bathrooms. You are better safe than sorry. It protects your hair from unwanted water when you have a shower and ensures your hair color lasts.


Depending on the region you are visiting you need these since the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be damaging to the hair; it can lead to split ends or even dry brittle hair. Sun rays also fade hair color so it would be nice to protect your hair.


Hair flowers and hair clips among other accessories will jazz up your holiday hairstyle.

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Before you leave for the vacation, you need to also prepare your hair. Trim the split ends on your hair, or else the combination of sun, chlorine and heat will worsen the condition. For your hair to remain in tip-top condition, treat it to a deep conditioner at least once a week leading up to your vacation.

While you are on holiday, ensure you rinse your hair with clean water once you get out of the swimming pool to protect your hair from chlorine.

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Once you get back home from your vacation, get those ends trimmed off again. The sun, salty sea water and chlorine from the swimming pool would have definitely done some damage to those ends. Trimming will prevent further damage.

 Invest in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to ring the hair back to life. Continue with your weekly deep conditioning treatment so as to restore moisture to your hair.

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