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Which is the more complicated gender?

(From Left) Kimani, Martin and Daudi: Photo; Courtesy

Kimani Kahimba, Businessman: Women are complicated because they do not know what they want in life. Naturally, men are visual, they like what they see and women like what they hear. Women are materialistic. Like if you have a car, 99 per cent will like the car but not you the owner. It is easier for a man to marry a jobless woman than a woman to marry jobless man.

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Kevin Onyango, Accountant: Women are more complicated because they listen to all sorts of people compared to men who are decisive. I believe women were born that way.

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Martin Opiyo, Kenatco Taxi Driver: Women are complicated, they are never content with anything. They are ever complaining and never want to give their men a chance to even respond or clarify on issues. It is either them or the highway.

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Daudi Masha Rajab, Businessman: I believe no one is complicated. It all depends on how we behave towards each other. It's the little bad things we do to women that make them look complicated. There are those things that we keep in our heads that make us complicated. We just need to watch what we do to others.

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