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Is it true that nice girls finish last?

(From Left) Norah, Carol and Silvia: Photo; Courtesy

Carol Mwangi, Nurse- A woman should be aggressive, yes, but not mean and harsh. She should be a go-getter. Women need to work extra to get up there.

Carol Mwangi, Nurse: Photo; Courtesy

Norah Atieno Oketch, Business Woman- It’s true, if you are too nice, the environment will push you until you harden to reach where you desire. According to African culture, women have to work extra

Norah Atieno Oketch, Business Woman: Photo; Courtesy

Silvia Tendwa, Sales and Marketing Naushad Trading Company- It's very true. A woman needs to be very strong. She should be principled, focused to her goals.

Silvia Tendwa, Sales and Marketing: Photo; Courtesy

Virginia Wangare Odero, Director Favorite Ventures Limited- It's true, women have been left out and have realised that we have to be very aggressive to claim our stake in the community and not get a raw deal. However, it doesn't mean that a woman should be mean but that she should love herself.

Virginia Wangare Odero, Director: Photo; Courtesy


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