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Five ways to kick stress out of your life

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There are things we can’t avoid in this life and stress is one of them. It could be too much work, balancing motherhood and career or even that morning traffic on your way to work. All these can take a toll on our lives. Here are a few ways to help you fight off that stress while keeping fit.

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It relaxes both mind and body and activates the internal body to respond and correct the physiological imbalances caused by stressful situations. It relaxes the muscles, increases blood circulation and reduces stress-related pain.

Regular exercise:

Exercise not only keeps you fit, it boosts your blood circulation. It also helps burn up the residues of stress chemicals in your body while boosting the release of feel-good hormones (endorphins). Activities such as aerobics work on your limbs and build your heart.

 They also increase your oxygen supply and feeding it to your skin, making you feel more awake. One of the most ideal ways to relieve stress is to exercise, preferably in fresh air and especially outdoors in a serene surrounding like a park or picnic site. Thirty to 40 minutes, three to four times a week can make all the difference.

Healthy diet:

 Eating nutritiously is one of the best defences against stress. You can handle stress better when you are as healthy as possible. Make sure you don’t turn to food especially junk for comfort while stressed. This can lead to over-eating and guilt.

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 If you have to eat, make sure you eat more seasonal, fresh produce, preferably organic. Your fluid intake should always be sufficient and should not consist of toxin-laden caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee. Try to avoid or limit drinks such as sodas and alcohol.

The other most important thing is to try not to skip meals or eat on the run. Skipping meals can aggravate stress-related symptoms like feeling light-headed, having headaches and even feeling tense in the tummy. Eating on the run on the other hand can cause indigestion. Just use your mealtime to relax and enjoy your meals.

Meditation and relaxation classes:

Take up classes such as yoga, pilates and tai-chi at least once or twice a week. You can also incorporate nice soothing and relaxing music and play them to distress. Use such techniques regularly to allow your mind and body to calm down and recuperate.

Learn to control your breathing:

Take several deep breaths regularly as you fill your lungs with oxygen and relax slowly as you exhale the stale air. Controlling your breathing this way will help you deal with stress anytime it kicks in.

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