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'Happily ever after' is just a myth

Vincent K'Ofwa with the bride Anne Franciscar Okello: Photo; Courtesy

BRIDE: Anne Franciscar Okello

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GROOM: Vincent K’Ofwa

VENUE: Our Lady of Assumption Church at Moi Airbase Barracks

DATE: January 17, 2015




Anne: We met through a common friend in late 2012. At first, it was just the casual exchanges of pleasantries. But then it grew “louder” and “firmer” with time. It happened that Vince went out of the country, at that time we could talk and talk and talk on phone for hours.

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So when he came back he decided to make his interest official. Since we both lived in different cities (Nairobi and Mombasa), Vince travelled to Mombasa to meet me and incidentally he insisted on meeting the rest of my family. In my mind I thought “this is a very serious dude right here! Haha!” Anyway we met and the rest is history.


Vince: That was in September 2014. We decided to take a leisurely dinner date at an exclusive restaurant in Nairobi’s uptown. Anne had no idea what plans were in the offing when she unknowingly walked right into the “trap”.

I had made prior arrangements for the set-up which at first could only pass as a simple exquisite dinner date. But I wanted it to be a private affair so no one was allowed in our exclusive room except those that served us.

When I was making the proposal for a moment, the room was engulfed in dead silence before Anne’s romping breath broke the silence with a thunderous “Yes!”

Photo; Courtesy


Vince: The bride’s gown was just on point creating that gorgeous princess look on the bride! The groom and the groomsmen equally looked astonishing and flashy. The big moment of, “Yes I Do” crowned the whole service.

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Anne: There was a slight drama when some of our guests were turned away at the Army barracks gate because their names were missing in the list of the invited guests. However, this was rectified and everyone was allowed to witness the great occasion.

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Vince: We were hosted at Safari Park’s honeymoon suite for two nights before we set out to sample Kenya. The beautiful scenery of Mount Kenya capsulized our eyes when we visited Nanyuki. Probably our single favourite day of travel was the day we spent on Mount Kenya.

We did the full-day tour that involved hiking to the viewpoint (of course we didn’t reach the peak), lounging in the perfect green vegetation and small waterfalls. We also visited the Coastal beaches. We loved and enjoyed all of it!

Photo; Courtesy


Anne: Marriage life is so beautiful! We made a decision that, after getting married, our families and friends must take a second place, and we believe in that simple rule, they take second place. In our marriage, God comes first, then family and friends.

Well married life isn’t all cozy and a bed of roses. A lot of compromises and communication is needed. We believe there is no such thing as happily ever after. Because even at Church on our wedding day we were taught there’s good times and bad times. The crown of our marriage is our brand new beautiful princess.

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