Evewoman : I do not regret falling in love with my teacher


I do not regret falling in love with my teacher

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BRIDE: Naomi Karwitha
GROOM: James Muturi
VENUE: Good News SDA Church, Embu
BUDGET: Sh 800,000


Naomi: We first met in 2011 at a college of nursing in Chogoria, Meru. He was one of the lecturers and at one time, he came to teach our class and I automatically became his student!
James: I don't quite remember seeing her in my class at that time especially because there were many students and I was invariably very busy.

Naomi: Although he never got to know me personally, I greatly admired him and his style of lecturing. His genuine care and concern for the students' academic welfare endeared him so much to me that I found myself secretly yearning to be around him. Sadly, he left the college before I could approach him. I always wondered where he went.
James: I stopped working there and went to lecture at a nursing school in Tumutumu, Nyeri. During my stint there, I was surprised when a fine young woman, Naomi, came up to me one day and claimed to be one of my former students.
Naomi: After my studies, I landed a job at a hospital in Tumutumu where I spotted James, to my surprise and excitement. I readily introduced myself and reminded him about the college where he previously taught.

James: Over the next few months, a formidable friendship developed between us and I occasionally invited her and her friends over to my place.
Naomi: During one visit, his religious books aroused my curiosity. When I inquired about his faith, he explained he was a Seventh Day Adventist who, unlike me, worshipped on Saturday and not Sunday. Although that sounded strange, I wanted to learn more.

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James: In our subsequent times together, she asked me a lot of questions concerning my beliefs. It is at this point that I decided to invite her to my church to which she agreed on condition that I would attend hers too. For several months, we alternately went to church on Saturdays and Sundays.
Naomi: We had our first date on December 2012. We spent a one-of-a-kind weekend in Nakuru and talked the whole night. Unfortunately, he had to leave the country the following year for the US to pursue his Phd in nursing.


James: After settling in Boston, US, we kept communicating through Viber. One evening, I apprehensively called her and expressed my need to live with her for the rest of my life. However, she took too long to answer me that I thought she was not on the line.

Naomi: I was utterly surprised by his unexpected proposal. It was early morning in Kenya and I was deep asleep when he called. My mind took time to register what he had just told me. Despite being overjoyed, I wondered how dowry negotiations would be conducted and the wedding arranged when he was far away.

James: I calmly explained to her my inability to be physically present and that my long-time friend, who was my best man during the wedding, would take care of everything on my behalf. Fortunately, she understood and promised to regularly appraise me on the progress.


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Naomi: One week before the wedding, my family held a farewell ceremony for me. As required by my culture, I put my clothes and other belongings in a suitcase and handed it over to my future mother-in-law as I had become part of the groom's family.
James: By this time, I had returned to the country. It was exhilarating to witness and take part in the ceremony.


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Naomi: When the Pastor declared, in the presence of God and man, that we were officially married. I felt so relieved that he was now all mine.
James: Being told that she had become my wife was very emotional for me. The large congregation that graced our wedding also humbled me.


James: Fervent prayer, trusting in God and regular communication are ingredients to success.

Naomi: Put God above everything and commit to making your relationship work even if it is a long-distance one.

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