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Firm up your cleavage after breastfeeding with these moves

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Factors that can make your breasts change their shape or increase in size range from pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss. Some of these factors may cause your breasts to stretch, making them lose their elasticity or they may become firmer or grow bigger.

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No matter what life has dealt you, there are few simple chest exercises you can do to reduce the sagging effect, firm your bosom up, help you regain its shape and improve the skin tone.

Push ups: This is one best exercise you can do anywhere using your body weight - not necessarily at the gym. Lie down on the floor facing down with your whole body completely straight and stretched.

With only your palms and toes resting on the ground, raise yourself up then down in a continuous motion using your elbow as a pivot.

Don’t tense your body as you do this. Tensing your body makes it harder to do it. For good workout, target at least three sets of ten repetitions. You can still do it with your knees touching the floor.

Swimming: This is a very ideal compound workout especially for your upper body. As you use most muscles like the arms, shoulders and back to exercise, major muscles like the chest are greatly affected because they power the energy you need and this in turn helps you obtain a firmer and a healthy bust line.

Effective swimming styles you can do are butterfly, backstroke and freestyle because they engage the chest area fully and differently. For a good workout purpose to do a few strokes, a few length within a set time and you will be good to go

Elbow squeeze: This exercise requires you to perform it at a standing position while holding some resistance like a water bottle or small hand weights. Bend your hands slightly at an angle of 90 degree on your sides. Squeeze moving forward and hold at the centre for a few seconds.

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When both arms are in front, make sure the elbows are almost touching. Return slowly back and continue this movement for a few more sets and repetitions. For a nice good workout, make sure your weights are held in your hands at all times.

Another thing you need to consider is to wear a bra that fits well.

Your cardio exercise should also be good and be done often to regulate your total body fat percentage. Your daily intake in terms of minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbs must always be sufficient because you cannot be doing all the above while still eating unhealthy.

Learn to eat healthy, the effects will also be tremendous to your whole body.

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