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How to kill it in turtlenecks-Pant suits and dresses

Photo:Wilberforce Okwiri

All hail the turtleneck as the cold season sets in. This high-neck staple will not only keep you warm, but it will also elegantly elongate your neck.

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This piece has proven to be our fashion favourite, however, it can also be a tricky item to style. Here are a few ways to style the classic staple this season.

Keep toasty and warm this cold season with a cropped turtleneck pant suit

PHOTOGRAPHER: Wilberforce Okwiri


MODEL: Palomah Wanjiku

WARDROBE AND ACCESSORIES: Zicky Collections, First Floor F109 Jamia Mall, , Nairobi.

Work a turtleneck silhouette in all blue paired witha sneaker wedge for a more casual look
SHOES: Backyard Shoes , F51, Jamia Mall, Nairobi. Adlife Plaza, Chania Avenue And Ringroard, Kilimani, Nairobi. F51, Jamia Mall, Nairobi

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