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To my future hubby, please don't try a 'Mama Nanii' title on me


Let me tell you about my neighbour. This neighbour whose husband has taken over her wardrobe after saying "I do". When they were still dating, it was all so smooth, "Babe, I would like to see you in your blue stilettos rocking that little black dress".

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Like a first time parent holding their child's hand to school on their first day, I would see them crisscrossing the streets of Nairobi giggling at every Marabou stork flying above them.

Mine was to watch from a distance through a tiny gap I created through my curtains. This gap helps me spy on my neighbours comfortably. Yes, the likes of Tony Mochama who stop by the staircase every morning to take a selfie and post on social media with the hash tag #Godwin.

Nooooo Tony, someone should stop him and remind him it's Mochama, not Godwin. Why is everyone suddenly using the hashtag #Godwin on social media? On behalf of all Godwins, I hereby wish to remind you all to stick to your lanes...sorry, names!

Now back to my neighbour! She is now officially married and the tune has changed. "Mama nani, that dress is too short...flat shoes mummy, flat shoes! We have a busy day ahead of us.

" Ooooh poor women! Who bewitches our boyfriends after they become our husbands? I thought we were done with evolution until I witnessed my married neighbour being forced to dress like the society expects her to. At least that's what the husband insinuates.

Sometimes I confuse her clothing with graduation gowns! Seriously, who said wives should hide them curves once they say 'I do'? Why do some husbands strive to transform their wives by force? You make them grow old even before their time!

Dear husbands, let your wives be! Forcing her to conceal her beauty is denying her what God blessed her with. Do not feel threatened when she stands out in a crowd. Instead, build on trust and be at peace. What is meant to be will be.

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Now my neighbours no longer stop by the staircase to 'capture the moments' every morning as they leave for work. Reason, the wife's esteem has been bruised, tampered with and left to the dogs. Whom shall I spy on through the hole in my curtain?

Tony has nothing to spy on, nothing except from the heavy footsteps that wake my baby from her deep slumber in the wee hours of the night. Someone should introduce a curfew in Komayole and save my daughter from nightmares!

As for me and my generation, we will stick to stilettos and the little black dress till kingdom come.

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